Going make a full morning workout!

With 14 Louhan Hands I have decided that splitting them up would be best.  Though half of them are daily exercises.  Once I have the routine down and some much needed food changes, I will be good to go!  Fortunately most of the recipes I have can have some ingredients substituted.  Always a plus!  Time to push myself to get this healthy life into full speed.  Have a peace filled day and God bless!  Prayers for Laura!!

Yin and Yang 

In the Lion King they called it the Circle of Life, in TCM they call it Yin and Yang.  Today I read it as this; Yin and yang are opposite, complementary, interdependent, and inseparable forces that, together, form a complete and harmonious whole.  One cannot live without the embracing the knowledge that someday we will die.  Some die unexpectedly, where others die from old age.  If I had known what I know now back when I was younger, I am positive we could have saved some lives that were too young to go.  I also know that had it not been for those few I would not be where I am today!  I have buried 2 brothers, my dad, my pap, great aunts and uncles, aunts and uncles and cousins.  Lives that meant something to me!  The hardest was my brother Jim.  He was my best friend, almost like a soulmate.  To clear up the definition of soulmate, it has nothing whatsoever to do with romance.  It is 2 people who have a deep connection and who are there for each other no matter what!  My brother was mine.  That’s not to say we only get one per lifetime, because that’s not true.  I know that someday I will see him again and I know that he will be the one greeting me on the other side.  I have come to terms with everything that has happened throughout my life!  I do my best and keep pushing forward.  Have a peace filled day and God bless!!!!

Presenting Claws 

A very awesome Qigong movement that I just love!  Spend about 20 minutes on exercise now.  So excited!  I am going to be adding another movement soon to have more to choose from.  Enjoying every health benefit I have gotten from taking the initial steps to become healthier.  I am far from where I want to be, but I will get there.  It takes time to get to where you need to be and a lot of determination.  There is no quitting or slacking!  It is an everyday type of experience.  Daily weigh-ins, daily exercise, calorie counting and healthy choices.  Dedication and perseverance reigns supreme!  Some days you have to push yourself to get it done, but it is so worth the sweat you put into it.  I am proud of myself for coming so far with everything!  Have a peace filled day and God bless!!!!

Ever shifting!

I have now 13 of the 18 Louhan Hands learned.  Soon I will be getting a DVD of the 8 Brocades, which is more powerful than what I am learning now.  Having them along side what I am doing now will be the ultimate Qi growing formula.  My focus is getting better with my Qi and then learning more about inner power.  That is an ultimate goal, but not one I have set for myself yet.  Right now my health is most important and also toning my muscles along with losing weight.  My weight is a set back at this time.  Until I get rid of the extra pounds, I have to wait for my health to be close to perfect!  It has not been an easy journey but hard work and determination will pay off in the end.  Have a peace filled day and God bless!!!!

My first unemotional Father’s Day!

Oddly enough I have no tears bursting out, no anger or hate.  Yes, these are the emotions that have plagued these past Father’s Days!  When you lose a parent you kind of get lost in all types of emotions, including hate towards others who still have their parent(s).  I don’t celebrate Father’s Day anymore, to me it’s just another day in my life.  This year I have my emotions neutral.  I am at peace this year.  Finally!!  I have peace.  For those of you who still have your parents, especially your father, grandfather, or step father, please make time for them.  Tomorrow is not promised!  My father was my rock, best friend and adviser.  After I lost him I went into a stagnation of sorts.  Gained a lot of weight, stress and frustration.  This journey with Qigong has improved my chances of longevity, flexibility, confidence, self discipline and healing.  My father told me on several occasions not to cry for him.  He knew when we were having the machine pulled off him.  He had tears in his eyes and I believe because he could not tell us goodbye.  I knew the force of his love for us and I know he’s watching over us!  I did cry when he was laid out, but not of sadness.  I had watched this once great man suffer for years from chronic pain, phantom limb pain and continual medical problems.  I was happy for him being out of the terrible pain he had suffered.  I also grieve for his loss, because he was my everything.  Without Emily it would have been much harder to move forward.  I am stronger than I used to be and continue growing stronger!  Happy Father’s Day and God bless!!!

Another refreshing morning!

I noticed something about my legs yesterday that I had not expected.  My varicose veins are slowly disappearing.  So one of my Qigong movements are shrinking them.  Not sure which one, but I am really excited.  I can’t wait to see what other physical changes will come out of my exercises.  I can feel all the changes inside but to actually see that the healing is incredible.  I am amazed!  Adding the newest movement will help strengthen my arms.  Separating Water will also help with depression, anxiety, COPD, lung disorders, excessive or insufficient grieving, fibrocystic breast disease, general breast health, self confidence issues.  Qigong helps improve health, but is not a cure all in anyway.  It also improves your quality of life and longevity!  My life has improved greatly the past 2 months and I am happier for it.  My mind is zen 75% of the time now.  I am excited about what is coming for me.  Especially once I have hit one year of my new lifestyle.  Opportunities are always continually opening for me.  I cherish everyone of them.  I have many who follow my journey and I truly appreciate everyone of you!  Have a peace filled day and God bless!!!!

Posting later than normal!

Did some searching on Amazon to find Qigong videos and I found 2 that are perfect and by the same Sifu!  I will get them soon enough, right now I am focusing on what I am doing now.  Learning about TCM has given me an understanding about how mind body healing works and the dedication it takes to get everything in alignment.  I feel great!  I have also learned the Japanese karate was created from Shaolin style Kung Fu.  That is an awesome thing.  Emily is getting better, though she has a slight nervous twitch that needs taken care of.  She did a great job yesterday at karate and I am so proud of her!  Together we will find the peace, balance and self discipline we need to be great at our practices.  Have a peace filled day and God bless!!!